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CECL Reporting Suite

The tools you need to build your specific CECL model

Introducing the new CECL reporting suite

With the CECL implementation date around the corner, now is the time to start building your CECL model. Lending Insights’ new CECL Reporting Suite can help—without costing you a fortune in time and resources. With reports based on suggested CECL methodologies and third-party accounting review, our reporting suite is the easy and affordable answer to CECL compliance.

Build your unique CECL model

Origence_data analytics_Incurred loss analysis

Incurred loss analysis

Based on the loss rate methodology, this report uses historical losses and the average life of the loan to project estimated future losses.​

Delinquency migration loss analysis

Based on the roll rate methodology, this report aggregates average rates of transition through delinquency categories to an eventual loss.
Origence_data analytics_static pool report

Static pool analysis

Based on the vintage methodology, this report looks at the expected losses at the maturities of each originated loan pool to provide current-day and cumulative losses. Can be based on month, quarter, or annual pools depending on your needs.

Discounted cash flows analysis

This report analyzes one loan at a time and takes into account estimated cash flows, pre-payment speeds, collateral sales, recovery rates, and time-value of money to calculate expected loss through the remaining life of the loan.​

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