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Indirect Lending Benchmark Report

An analytic tool that helps identify opportunities and risks

The difference is in the data

The first of its kind. Our Indirect Lending Benchmark Report offers exclusive access to valuable indirect lending data not available anywhere else. An analytic tool that helps credit unions efficiently and accurately compare their performance against peers, as well as national and state averages. Included in the report are key indicators to identify opportunities for improvement, in addition to avoiding unwanted risks.

Download a sample report

View a sample of a National Indirect
Lending Benchmark Report

Performance evaluation

The Indirect Lending Benchmark Report evaluates performances based on the following:

book to look

Book to look ratio

Book to approved ratio

Book to approved ratio

origination metrics and average apr

Origination metrics & average APR

funding trends, includes average loan amounts

Funding trends, includes average loan amounts

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National and state reports are available on a monthly basis with a subscription which includes 12-months of reporting automatically distributed via email and in PDF format. There is no additional information to send back and forth, as this proprietary data is readily available to all subscribers.

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