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An engaging onboarding plan that builds borrower loyalty

Present new borrowers with your products, services, and culture with a default 12-week onboarding plan. The result is a strong foundation for a long and profitable borrower relationship. 

A complete system for digital borrower onboarding

Intuvo includes everything a financial institution needs to digitally onboard both direct and indirect borrowers, increasing engagement as well as cross-sell and upsell to new borrowers. With dozens of pre-written email and print marketing materials, it can be completely customized by your team. 

Expand opportunities for your institution

Nurture new relationships to build engagement, sell products, and create loyalty using automated onboarding strategies. Intuvo makes it easy by seamlessly syncing data from your core and loan origination systems to generate specific targets based on the products used. 

Start your new relationships right

Institution-wide success requires a standardized approach to new borrower onboarding that delivers: 

Borrower understanding of the breadth of your financial institution's offerings

Easier cross-sell and upsell

Increased adoption of mobile and self-service offerings

Increased lifetime value through higher share of wallet

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