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Mortgage LOS // Overview

Mortgage LOS

An origination fulfillment system that delivers a faster, easier lending process

A new kind of origination experience

Transform your digital mortgage production and start processing and underwriting with a new level of speed, efficiency and quality. From the mundane to the complex, tasks across multiple roles have been streamlined and automated to create a finely-tuned lending machine.

The result is an increase in productivity thanks to new breakthroughs in the automation of workplans, document processing, compliance, and other time-consuming tasks that previously plagued the origination process.

Home equity

Originate HELOCs and home equity loans with our robust and fully compliant home equity solution. Integrated completely with our LOS and POS, we’ll help you capture more of the home equity market with a user-friendly member and lender experience that offers:

Document processing automation

Compliance automation

Workplan automation