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Document Services & AI

Streamline your loan packet processing and increase accuracy

A modern lending experience built for speed

Our AI-powered processing for retail installment contracts, funding packages, and paper documents is incredibly fast and accurate—bringing a new level of speed to your funding. With our document services, we process paper or digital contracts and funding packages (sorting, classifying, verifying and validating), stack the loan package to your specifications, and digitize the final package.

Loan Processing Performance

Paper contract & funding package document processing

We can process paper or digitized loan packages by leveraging our team and technology to identify, classify, sort, review and stack every loan package for a clean and efficient funding experience. 

AI-powered document stacking

Our “People + Technology” approach to document processing offers a perfect blend of talent and advanced AI innovation. The result is a more efficient way to streamline and scale your processing.

Automate your document stacking

  • Systematically identify and name documents
  • Manage and organize loan documents to lender specifications
  • Review, edit, add, and remove documents without opening them
  • Readily identify and report missing and required documents
  • Communicate status of documents to dealers
  • Validate information, data, and business rules