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Origence Lending Services Delivers Impressive Results in 2022

Division of Origence posts consecutive year-over-year increase — adds services to help credit unions with augmented staffing, processing, and underwriting needs.

Irvine, CA, February 2, 2023Origence Lending Services, a division of Origence, announced record results for 2022, capping an 83% increase over 2021 and a 266% increase in loans funded over 2020. The provider of scalable outsourced solutions for credit unions ended the year with 154 clients, up from 105 in 2020. In the same period, the team grew from 95 to 275 members with an ability to flex with client needs while operating at scale.

“Helping credit unions succeed is why we created Origence Lending Services. We understand that it is about the member, and I am so pleased to say that we helped more than 475,000 credit union members with financing in 2022,” said Brian Hamilton, president of Origence Lending Services. “As the lending environment changes, we have added turnkey outsourcing capabilities—and partnerships—to help credit unions continue to thrive in 2023.”

In 2022, Origence Lending Services launched HELOC and direct consumer loan support, as well as underwriting in eight different loan origination systems. Additionally, the company strengthened its partnerships with several auto refinance brokers, Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA), LoanStar Technologies retail and home improvement point-of-sale financing, and Lenders Protection by OpenLending, to allow credit unions to lend more safely on near-prime and non-prime loans. With customizable workforce augmentation solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, Origence Lending Services is uniquely positioned to help credit unions navigate changes and product exploration.

“We can help credit unions solve for the challenges of operating in uncertain economic environments,” added Brian Hamilton. “For many of our clients, we serve as a ‘virtual’ workforce, perfectly equipped to manage the changes in skilled staffing needed to respond to shifting market conditions. Now is the best time for credit unions to explore new products and augmented staffing as we build out flexible, scalable models with less downside risk associated with employee overhead.”

About Origence Lending Services

Origence Lending Services provides lending organizations with flexible lending operations solutions designed to meet shifting demands, complement existing capabilities, and redirect resources to pursue new opportunities for growth. Our mission is to provide lenders with dynamic solutions powered by superior technology and deep industry expertise. Solutions include full-service loan underwriting, processing, call services, letter generation, funding support, and additional origination services. Origence Lending Services is headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. For more information, visit